How the Ultra Luxury Condos Sunny Isles Beach are constructed


The luxury condos in Sunny Isles are built as high sky scrapers with a 360o view of the Sunny Isles beach. This ensures that each occupant has a complete view of the beach from their location. This is a luxury which most of the Ultra luxury condos Sunny Isles beach provide. When an individual is in their apartment they tend to have the feeling of floating on air. This was the intention of the building contractors. They intended to provide individuals of this luxury so that one is inside the building but they tend to feel that they are hanging in the mid atmosphere. This was achieved by making the outside walls with pure transparent glass.

The view of the Ultra Luxury Condos offer during the day

The outside walls are made of transparent glass which enables one to have the full view of the outside world. The windows are also large and made of pure transparent glass. When inside one’s apartment, one can see the outside view without any distraction such as in the new project of Estates at Acqualina.  When the transparent glass windows and walls are spotlessly clean, one cannot know that they are not outside. They will have the feeling of a continuous flow of the atmosphere from the inside to the outside without any obstruction like that of real opaque walls or the normal tinted windows. When one has had enough of the outside view they can simply draw the large curtains which usually hang from the roof top of their particular floor.

How the outside appears from the Ultra Luxury Condos Isles Beach during the night

When one is in their apartment in the night, they can still enjoy the ambience of nature from the comfort of their room. The view of the stars and moon brings a natural feel where one is able to feel like they are next to the sky. The dark black sky with the shining natural lights enables one to move closer to nature. The water also gives the natural sound of waves like that of the ocean from a distance. While on the higher floors, the night world is quieter. Regalia Miami would be one of these magnificent projects that offers you ultimate luxury experience with breathtaking views.

Another feature that one is able to enjoy in the night from the comfort of their apartment is the view of the city of Sunny Isles. The lights of both buildings and cars are seen from high above. One has a bird’s eye view just like from a plane. The only difference is that the airplane is in motion while the condos’ apartment is stagnant. From several angles, one is able to see the lighted city reflected in the beach water. The features that are easily seen are the tall and short buildings, motor vehicles in the jam on the road and several night businesses like clubs and hotels. This is a major tourist attraction in this city.

How to acquire an Ultra Luxury Condos in the Sunny Isles Beach

There are two ways in which one can reside in the Ultra Luxury condos sunny isles beach. This is either through purchasing or by renting. When one decides to buy these precious condominiums, they will first of all make a market survey and compare the price ranges that are available in the real estate market. The prices range from $320 000 up to $40 000 000 and can still go higher than this. The rental price ranges are from $3 900 up to $50 000 for those located in the heart of the beautiful Sunny Isles beach. An example of such is the Jade beach, Jade signature, Mansions at Acqualina, Millennium and Jade Ocean which are both located in the Collins Avenue.


Whether one is considering a major investment like purchasing or a slightly smaller investment like renting, they ought to put into consideration the total cost involved. This is mainly done by mainly comparing the various prices involved so that one gets the value for their money. Despite the overview to the outside atmosphere, one should ensure they get their own privacy as per need. If there are two residential apartments in the same floor, there should be privacy from the next household. The walls that border the neighboring apartments are not transparent as those that are to the outside which face the beach. Bathrooms and toilets are also made with the privacy that they deserve. The cooking area is also partially opaque with just the windows being transparent. The areas which give the luxury views are the sitting rooms, waiting rooms, balconies, sleeping areas and resting rooms.  There are so many investment opportunities when it comes to  Sunny Isles real estate. Connect with the right professional who may be able to guide you through the buying process.